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We want you to succeed at whatever adventure you try, yes failure is your greatest teacher.  But the journey there can be and should be fun.  We want to provide you hacks and learning skills to make your journey enjoyable and of course fun.  Self-awareness is a large part of growing and understanding ourselves thus becoming a leader.

How to use Cards for the Courageous

  • Provide them to train the trainers

  • Handouts to professional development trainees

  • Use during Professional Development workshops

  • A gift to your mentee

  • Ice Breaker sessions

  • To just have fun

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Cards for the Courageous

And those aspiring to be

We turned the most recognized productivity hacks and skills into a daily tool for you to practice and improve:

  • Body Language (both reading body language and changing yours)

  • Mindset and self-awareness

  • Communication

Shuffle your cards any way you see fit, pick a card, and as much as practically able, hone the skill on the card for the day.  Be mindful of the card all day long.


Cards for the Courageous

“Gift yourself a book”


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