Why Cards for the Courageous

And those aspiring to be

These cards were created because of a casual conversation when my daughter a collegiate softball player said, “I never was trained to be a leader, I just did what I thought was right.  I wish someone would have taught me to be a leader.” Hmm, I thought to myself, why have I not shared my cards with her before.  When I was 35 years old I was hired to operate a multi-million dollar food service operation and lead a team of 500 dedicated food service professionals.  I wondered how I would lead a staff this size and yes doubt crept into my leadership abilities.  I also did not have a leadership class or a manual to follow on being a leader.  So, I read and read and started jotting ideas on index cards and I would take one everyday and follow it, for example, ‘Note the color of others’ people’s eyes.’ This would force me to pay attention when anyone was talking to me, thus be more attentive to what they wanted to converse with me.  It helped me with my listening skills. Which is a characteristic of a great leader.  Oh yea, I still work on this all the time.  I want to share my ideas and what I did to improve my ability to lead, which I still work on everyday.  What do you use for your professional development?

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